Women’s Residential Treatment Program

shannonz1“I have never worked with a team with so much integrity & passion for mental health & addiction. They have taught me how to be the most authentic clinician I can be & I believe the clients feel the integrity, love & passion Akua offers. Thank you Akua for changing my life & the lives of many others!” – Shannon Hybl, Director of LANI Women’s Residential Our Women’s Residential Treatment is a center designed by women for women. LANI is our women’s only program specializing in uncovering the underlying issues surrounding one’s addiction, with a  strong emphasis on highly personalized treatment that focuses on the unique needs of each women. LANI represents a Hawaiian female name given meaning “heavenly, royal woman of the sky” or a woman connected to her higher power. Our women’s residential treatment is a 30-day residential program that provides clinical support in a compassionate environment for women to focus on their recovery and build a solid foundation for sobriety. The program addresses the complex and sensitive issues that are specific to women by eliminating distractions often experienced in co-ed treatment.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary