How Kindness Can Be Helpful In Drug Addiction Treatment Leading to Sobriety

Random Acts of Kindness Week
(RAKW) was celebrated from February 12 to February 18, 2017. This is a week-long celebration that is observed worldwide. It inspires people to act selflessly to cheer up or assist an individual through acts of care, goodwill and kindness.

The Role of Kindness in the Healing Process
In reference to drug addiction treatment for substance abuse, did you know that kindness too plays an important role? Kindness is something that makes a difference to the entire healing process, accelerates recovery and prevents relapse. A patient is likely to remember the kindness showered upon him during his treatment days as it plays an instrumental role in preventing relapse after spending time at an inpatient treatment facility.

When a patient is spending time in a treatment facility, they face many challenges. The most crippling issues can be anxiety and uncertainty faced by an individual. As professional Clinicians, if we understand these challenges, we can provide better treatment. At Akua Mind & Body, we provide kindness, warmth, empathy and compassion.

Treat Them as You Would Treat Family Members
Too often people suffering from addiction are looked upon negatively. They are also considered less moral. However, researchers have found that addiction is nothing more than a disease such as hypertension or diabetes. Proper drug addiction treatment is required for full recovery. Criticism of a patient or shaming in any manner can be harmful.

Already, there is too much negativity around for an addict as they might also be suffering from co-occurring mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety, etc. Prolonged addiction or substance abuse alters the brain of a patient. What they need at this time is compassion and not criticism.

Answer Their Queries and Resolve Any Problems
It is likely that a victim of substance abuse would also be struggling with isolation and “separation” from their families, friends and work environment. The prolonged use of drugs or alcohol weakens their decision making abilities. To add to this problem, the situation might also be compounded with withdrawal symptoms being experienced by an individual. What an individual needs at this time are — a little empathy, honesty, respect and kindness.

Update Them about Their Progress in Recovery
Be kind and let them know how they are progressing in their journey to recovery.  A little transparency can be greatly helpful.  It is a good idea to share with them the kind of therapy that is being used and how long it will take for them to be able to return home.

If they know the details about their recovery, it would help them manage their anxiety. You can’t expect them to trust you blindly.

Don’t keep them in dark and don’t offer vague answers to their queries as it can be rude and humiliating for an addict in recovery.  If they feel marginalized, it may affect their progress.

A recovering addict is just like a normal human being and he deserves all the respect and kindness.

At Akua, our clinicians and therapists make sure that a client is treated with utmost respect, care and kindness.  

The Right Approach During Random Acts of Kindness Week
(RAKW) let’s take a pledge that instead of engaging in fault-finding or blaming the addict for their past actions or transgressions, we will learn more about the underlying causes that might have led them to addiction. It will help you to assist them in overcoming addiction. It would be a great act of kindness if you’re able to help your loved one completely recover and live a life of lasting sobriety.

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