The Full Spectrum of Care for the Addicted

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Getting Everything You Need

After a weekend on vacation in the mountains, your car needs a wash. The local carwash, like many of its kind, offers services based on how thoroughly you want your car cleaned. You can get the wash itself without anything extra, the wash and wax, the hand dry, or the luxury package that includes all the previous options plus detailing the interior. If you choose the latter option,  it could be said that you are full spectrum of treatment for your car. Most drug addiction treatment programs operate similarly.  A person suffering from addiction is able to choose what he or she needs from a spectrum of treatment options that provide everything from minimalist to luxury treatment. This package of choices is offered in an attempt to accommodate the diverse needs of as many people as possible. A one-size-fits-all treatment paradigm just does not work. So what does the full spectrum of an alcohol addiction treatment program look like?

The Basics

Drug addiction means that your body has become chemically dependent on a substance that you have taken, to the extent that you likely need a medical intervention. In treatment, this is called detoxification, or simply detox.  During detox, the drug is completely removed from the body so that the individual can start the remaining phases of treatment, clean from the drug. After the drug is removed from your system, the goal is to find answers for the deeper questions, such as: Why did you start using in the first place? What have been the consequences of excessive use? Are there alternative means of stress relief and relaxation? The second phase of treatment is designed to answer these questions. In general, this phase is filled with group sessions, individual counseling, forming relationships with peers, and other means of learning to cope with life in a healthier way. The physical alcohol withdrawal has been treated, but the psychological needs remain. During this phase, treatment is designed to help you reform your thinking patterns and develop a support system so that you can be successful in recovery. For the basic or average program, the final phase is helping you transition to a life outside of treatment. Leaving the protection of treatment can be daunting, but counselors try to make the transition as pain-free as possible. You will develop an aftercare plan, reconnect with family and friends,  and set up a schedule of support meetings in your area, all in an effort to help you quit drinking.

The Full Spectrum

That is an overview of a basic program, but there is more to the full spectrum of treatment. What about gender specific programs? Is it possible to get the luxury amenities to which you are accustomed? What about a more mindful treatment program that includes nutrition, exercise, and meditation?

Gender Specific

Originally, programs were designed with only one type of client in mind. This has changed significantly. Now, most drug and alcohol treatment centers offer services specific to men and women. The reasoning behind this is that while men and women often have the same goals for treatment, they have different needs to accomplish those goals.

Luxury Amenities

Entering treatment and successfully completing the course should not be hindered by any obstacle that can be controlled. Thus, many programs offer luxury amenities that help individuals stay focused on their treatment. This could include anything from spa-type facilities to scenic locations. This type of program is not for everyone, but it is available to clients who prefer these extra touches.


Treatment facilities, such as AKUA Mind & Body, provide options that other treatment centers do not. Mindfulness programs are designed to help you stay focused on what is happening in the present and gain a sense of how drug addiction affects the entire person. To this end, these programs provide education in proper nutrition, the benefits of exercise in recovery, and meditation alternatives that help you relax and focus. The breadth of treatment program offerings is an attempt to help the full spectrum of people with addictions enter into a successful recovery, and this means different things to different people. However, the goal is always the same: to enter into a life that is free from the paralyzing effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Summary The full spectrum of drug and alcohol treatment has to be explained as it arises from the foundational practices of substance abuse facilities. Most treatment centers offer detox (which medically frees the body from the drug), the core of a program (counseling and social environment), and aftercare. These are universal elements of treatment, and they provide a solid foundation for treatment programs. But to get the full spectrum of treatment, one has to look beyond the basics. Some people need to have treatment that is gender-specific. This means that men and women sometimes realize that there are differences in what they need from treatment, so they seek a facility that offers programs specific to their needs. Others need to have luxury amenities included in their treatment program. This may seem frivolous to some, but if an impediment to successful recovery can be removed, it should be removed. Finally, some people realize that recovery is an experience that should focus on the whole person – the mind and the body. They need treatment that introduces nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. All of these options round out the full spectrum of addiction treatment, and can help you find the best path towards your road to recovery.