Free Your Mind

There is, perhaps, no area more important to address in recovering from drugs and alcohol than your mind. Becoming aware of your thoughts, challenging negative cognitive schemes, and forming healthy thinking patterns is a crucial component in healing.

What are Some Ways that Akua Mind & Body Treats the Mind?

At Akua Mind & Body, our detoxification program focuses on the whole person. Failing to address mental, physical, and spiritual needs means an incomplete detoxification. The mind, especially, must be motivated towards the path to recovery. At Akua, licensed counselors will assist you in beginning to form healthy thought patterns. Through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises, you will finally begin to feel mental clarity and peace. Our Holistic Approach is founded on three pillars: Mind, Body and Spirit. With our East-meets-West therapeutic methods, we have demonstrated success in drug and alcohol addiction treatment.
A few of our holistic treatment methods for the mind include:

How Does Akua Mind & Body Integrate Mind Treatment with Body with Body and Spirit?

At Akua Mind & Body, we believe in tailoring your treatment protocol to your particular needs. We help you detoxify in safety and comfort while fusing our Eastern techniques with Western medical practice. Our holistic approach to treatment means that we consider all three aspects of your being in every treatment we create. We focus first on your physical detoxification as, without a thorough cleansing of toxins, you will not be able to proceed with the rest of the treatment successfully. Once detoxification takes place, we create a holistic approach to physical, psychological and spiritual components of healing. Depending on your belief system, family support, and other individual characteristics, we may recommend various types of treatments within our large palette of methods. We may also modify our treatment procedures based on your particular needs as they evolve and change. Our goal is to provide a safe environment and complete support for you to become clean and healthy.

Why Should I Choose Akua Mind & Body?

Akua Mind & Body is a pioneering facility – we are neither a hospital setting nor a small residential home. We are a rejuvenating detoxification retreat equipped with cutting-edge, science-based addiction treatment methods. Most people who enter a hospital setting for detox find it cold, sterile, and largely uncomfortable. On the other hand, people who detox in small residential homes often feel unsafe and unmonitored.