Find Comfort

What Does Akua Mind & Body Believe?

We believe in a comfortable, stress-free environment. In fact, we believe that removing stress is one of the most important aspects of recovery, as stress has been shown to impede mental, physical, and emotional well-being. For these reasons, a relaxing, rejuvenating environment is crucial as you begin to rid yourself of drug dependency. At Akua Mind & Body, we understand that you suffer from three types of stress when you arrive at our facility. The amount of each type of stress may vary, but generally you will be suffering from some degree of:
  • Physical Stress: The physical stress that your body succumbs to in your addiction is debilitating. Your immune system is most likely suppressed, your blood sugar may be low or high, you may suffer from headaches and other pains, and you may have been suffering from chronic insomnia.
  • Mental Stress: Addiction is psychologically stressful for you and for those around you. Arguments with loved ones, the strain of crumbling finances, and worry over your health each create a great deal of mental stress.
  • Emotional Stress: Guilt, shame, and other negative emotions are cornerstone feelings of addiction. At Akua Mind & Body, we realize that emotional pain is very real and must be addressed as you move forward in recovery.

How Can I Find Comfort At Akua Mind & Body?

Akua Mind & Body provides comfort for everyone who enters our doors. We offer first and foremost, safety and privacy. From the moment we pick up the phone, you are experiencing a wholly confidential and individualized program. We understand and respect the strength it takes to reach out for help and we especially understand the struggle and pain motivating you to pick up that phone. It will be the first of many steps in your journey to recovery and you will see that you are not at all alone in that process. We want you to feel fully knowledgeable of your treatment program and collaborate with you to meet your needs in the next steps you will take after you complete your detoxification process. You will find that with our spiritual, physical and mental treatment, we offer complete care for all aspects of your being. In keeping you safe, informed, and in full confidentiality, you will find that you are nothing but comfortable at Akua.