Client Reviews

I was there for about 10 days and they took great care of me. Lunch and dinner are catered with hella good food and they had a really cool music therapy session each week I was there where a lady would bring in her harp and we would meditate while she played. Also the house is super cool and big, sprawling ranch style with a pool and hot tub! and even though it is big they only have a max of 6 people so it never feels crowded. The staff was super helpful and really seemed to care about how we were doing and we got to go to a couple meetings unlike the previous detoxes I’ve been to where we were on lockdown.
Kyle S. 03/22/2015
I felt so comfortable and understood. The staff are super supportive, loving, and knowledgeable. I was so sad to leave but I feel like they prepared me SO well for the next step in my recovery. MISS YOU GUYS!!
Katie B. 02/09/2015
Going into detox was terrifying. I’ve been several times at different places across the U.S. and just felt like I knew what to expect. I didn’t. First off, the house itself is really nice. There’s a pool, jacuzzi, sauna and a big fountain. They had catered food during the week that was actually really bomb food. During the weekend that I was there, we had a BBQ. The first few days I was there I just wanted to sleep because I hadn’t slept in 15 days before coming in and they let me rest which I liked. They do check on you to make sure everything is ok. I attended anywhere from 2 to 3 groups a day. We did yoga (lady is super nice), had a harp playing lady come in, big book study groups where they actually explained what the 12 steps were, meditation, and really emotional groups with the guy that runs the place Evan. The staff and everyone there with me was really supportive and that was what surprised me most. I’ve been to places where they just called me a tweaker and told me I was lying even when I really was having a hard time. I guess anyone can have a nice house but it was the people inside of that house that made the difference for me. It was the first time I’ve felt loved in a long time. I didn’t want to leave.
Remy J. 02/10/2015
I was a client for several weeks and this Detox was extremely comfortable (both physically and spiritually). The staff were compassionate and accommodating to my specific treatment. The house was really nice and food was great too. Detoxing from pills can be rough, but I was fortunate and blessed for the experience. I give Akua Detox five stars because they changed my life and Dr. Miller understood what I was going through with love and compassion.
Roger S. 11/17/2014
“Coming from OC I’ve been to several different programs in the area. I wasn’t able to finish a single program until I came to AKUA .  I didn’t even realize Dr Miller was the owner HE IS SO HUMBLE.  He and his staff inspired me to stay clean and HAPPY   I actually for once in my life do not want to do drugs anymore.”
Ashley E. 12/14/2015
“It’s the way that AKUA made me accountable for my own actions that motivated me to want to continue with my recovery. I didn’t feel like I was under constant supervision with cameras and suffocating rules but was rather treated with respect and dignity. While you still have to do the work, AKUA is a place where you can heal within a community of other guys who are going through the same thing and the biggest thing is that you are held accountable for your choices which makes you feel like you’re taking control and being responsible for your life.”
Joseph C. 1/28/2016