Cleanse Your Body

The core purpose of detoxification is to cleanse the body of impurities and toxins. The state of your body is the most crucial component to your recovery once you enter the door. Hydration, brain healthy meals, sleep, medication, yoga, acupuncture and music therapy are just a few approaches you will experience that are specifically designed to heal and nurture your body.

What Are The Physical Challenges of Detoxing?

Clients typically arrive at our facility dehydrated, suffering from low or high blood sugar, exhibiting protein deficiencies, and having compromised immune systems. Feeling physically ill is often a trigger for relapse as people seek relief and because this reaction is so common, many people simply cannot detox on their own. To find relief of painful withdrawal symptoms, people immediately go back to using or drinking.

What Are Some Ways That Akua Mind & Body Treats The Body?

Akua Mind & Body provides treatment for your entire being – body, mind and spirit. We focus on your physical health first through a safe detoxification of your body. We understand and are prepared for every physical reaction your body will go. Depending on our initial analysis of substances used and concentrations present, we will custom create a detoxification program for you that will not only be safe but also as comfortable as possible. Once your body is stabilized, we can then work through integrating your emotional and spiritual health into harmony as well. Our Holistic Approach and East-meets-West therapeutic methods have proven greatly successful in not only cleansing the body but also in aligning the body, mind, and spirit. We offer a variety of treatment types – both traditional and alternative – to detoxify you extensively and comprehensively. Our integrative drug and alcohol treatment methods include:
  • Brain-Healthy Meal Plans: We offer nutritious meals designed to fast-track your physical recovery. Our food choices have been carefully selected to give you the nutritional support you need to recover quickly.
  • Medication: We offer only the best medications for your needs, supervised by medical personnel who understand drug interactions and other issues that may impact your withdrawal and subsequent recovery.
  • Acupuncture: This Eastern practice is effective in managing physical issues, depression, and anxiety related to drug withdrawal.
  • Yoga: Our expert technician works through recovery of both the mind and body, easing tension and stress while promoting mindfulness to achieve mental clarity and physical relief.
  • Relaxation in our strictly monitored facility sauna, pool, and hot spa will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

How Does Akua Mind & Body Integrate Body Treatment With Mind and Spirit?

Akua Mind & Body is founded on the belief that a holistic approach to addiction is most effective for recovery. Treating only one aspect of a person is simply not enough. Our holistic approach consists of joining the physical, psychological and spiritual components of healing to ensure that every client is given the support they need on the path to recovery.

Why Should I Trust Akua Mind & Body With My Recovery?

Akua Mind & Body focuses on our client’s safety first. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is a dangerous process and must be monitored closely. Each client will meet with our psychiatrist within 24-hours of admission and we employ nurses and EMT’s. Our rejuvenating clinical environment and expert staff create a safe and effective detoxification experience for all who seek help.