Change Your Environment, Change Your Life

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Back in the 1970s when U.S. soldiers were coming home from Vietnam, it was discovered that nearly 20% of them were addicted to heroin. Before they returned, it was decided that they would detox in Vietnam to be healthy when they stepped back onto U.S. soil.

The surprising part of this experiment was how many of the addicted soldiers never relapsed. After 3 years being back in the U.S., 91% of these soldiers maintained their sobriety. After detoxing, they came home to a new environment, one that did not hold the same triggers and people they were used to in Vietnam, and this helped them stay clean. It is with this foundation that getting treatment in a new environment has been proven to help improve sobriety rates. 

Removing yourself from your temptations, daily habits, and negative influences can have a profound effect on getting clean from drug or alcohol addiction. According to Dr. B.J. Fogg, director of the Stanford Persuasive Lab, “There’s just one way to radically change your behavior:  radically change your environment.

If you find yourself surrounded by bad influences, triggers, and an environment where you can’t seem to say "no" to your vices, it might be time to radically change your environment. According to the University of Utah, "the single biggest contributing factor to drug abuse risk is having friends who engage in the problem behavior.

Relocating for addiction treatment sounds like a big step, understandably this is overwhelming.  However, it is necessary as a safeguard to your sobriety.   The fact that you have decided to seek treatment is commendable, and AKUA is here to help. We have facilities throughout California, where the ocean breeze and bright sun can help you maintain a positive outlook when you are healing from your addiction. Contact us today to learn more about treatment with us.