Building Strong Willpower

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Why do you get high? Is it because of stress? The day is too long, the car horns are too loud and the family is just too needy. There has to be some release, some way to balance the day and make it seem somewhat peaceful. Maybe it’s not stress, maybe you get high because everyone else you know does. Whatever the motivation, you have learned that there is only one way to cope.

You know you have to stop. The problem is that stopping doesn’t make the stress go away and it doesn’t change how your friends act. Your motivation to abuse substances is still there.

Now you want to stop using, but it seems impossible. What happens when work piles up again, the family gets needy or friends just want to have a little fun? How do you cope with life in a way that isn’t harmful?

For most addicts, their drug of choice is their coping mechanism. It’s the way you have always been able to relax and deal.

Unfortunately, treatment programs just want to focus on the negative behaviors you’ve developed. They want to try and change you from the outside-in. They think, it seems, if you change the way you react to stress, you’ll change the way you think about drugs and alcohol. But it doesn’t work that way.

True change comes from inside. To change the way you act, the way you see drugs and alcohol, you have to make some changes on the inside. You have to find what motivated you to turn to substances in the first place and find other ways to deal with those problems.

Maybe you don’t believe treatment can help you. Why should you believe? It’s never helped before. But maybe AKUA therapists have a way to help you change the way you think about your addiction.

AKUA therapists aren’t as concerned about your past behaviors; they want you to try and understand why you acted a certain way. Why you turned to drugs in the first place.

It starts by looking at you as an individual who has issues, but also as an individual who is valuable; someone who can make a positive change in your own life. It also starts small. First, as it says in the twelve-step book, you have to be willing to change. You are powerless and you need to be motivated to make the first step.

After you’ve made the first step, your therapist will help you keep making steps toward recovery. How? By helping you find reasons to change. By helping you build strength as you learn to cope with the stress in your life in a positive way by helping you look at your underlying problems. That motivation is your will to change. It has to be nurtured, it has to get stronger.

The only way you are able to grow your willpower is by being willing to make changes in your life. You have the motivation to change, now gain the drive to take that willpower through a sober lifetime.

AKUA is a place where we care about every part of you and your future. We want you to understand who you are, what motivates you and then we want you to understand that you have all the tools to change. Your actions are important, but your will to change is even more important if you want a sustained recovery. Take the small steps that lead to recovery. Work with a therapist who is interested in you, who you are, and wants to help you develop the skills that will change your life forever. Make a plan and build that will to change.

You are not your past actions. Let us show you how small changes can lead to big steps and a recovery that lasts a lifetime.