Akua Believes in Supporting the Cause

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AKUA provides for clients seeking change.
We started Akua based on a foundation of principles that have not changed.  Akua is a team of compassionate professionals whose mission is to create and environment of healing and transformation for each client seeking change. beach-woman-1149088z Sometimes, that aspiration is not enough, however. Treatment is expensive and some individuals are either not covered by insurance or are not in a stable financial situation. We believe, however, that every addict deserves a chance at a new and sober future. When we at Akua come across individuals who do not have the finances to pay for treatment, we have always stepped up. As passionate as we feel about recovery, it is not only our duty but our honor to help those in need. During the first quarter of 2016, Akua has given over $240,000 in scholarships to our clients. Several of these individuals are well on their way to recovery and thriving in their new-found sobriety. Elaine is one of those people. Elaine came to us following a string of unsuccessful treatments and attempts at recovery. Because of her addiction, she lost her family’s support and was unable to secure consistent employment. Elaine currently resides in our sober living facility, has remained employed since her discharge, attends our alumni meetings, and has begun the healing process with her family. If Elaine’s ability to receive treatment had been dependent upon her financial situation, she would be in a much different place today – possibly no longer with us. We saw something special in Elaine, however, and knew she was the perfect embodiment of our mission at Akua. We are very proud of our program and especially proud of people like Elaine. May there be many more that follow in her footsteps.

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