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3_16AkuaStrongI knew something was very unique the moment I walked through AKUA’s doors on my way to meeting partners Kenny and Evan for the first time. From the moment I walked into their offices I was immersed into an environment of warm and loving support. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I would get the amazing opportunity to experience just how special the team and culture is at AKUA.

I’m a storyteller of sorts and part of my responsibilities include writing AKUA’s story which includes the many cast of extraordinary characters that exemplify the spirit of AKUA Mind & Body.

After recently spending time with each of my beautiful and talented team members at our holiday party, I am inspired to write about their extraordinary stories in the coming months and years to share their amazing gifts of bringing the promise of hope and healing to our clients and their families, who are on the verge of giving up and losing hope.

I have never experienced a company that invests in its people as much as AKUA invests in theirs. While we are a company and organization, we are not defined by stale corporate rules and regulations or isolated departments, we are family of professional and compassionate individuals.

Following the holiday party, I was on my way home when I encountered a lady and her children who set up a booth to sell hot cocoa and cookies in my neighborhood. I stopped to buy cocoa before heading to my next outing and learned that she and her children were donating all of the money from their sales to bless a family in need this holiday season. As I walked back to my car, I was thinking about how this family’s generosity embodied the AKUA spirit of bringing hope and healing to a family in need.

In closing I want to say thank you to my team and assure each one of you, that I am looking forward to writing each of your stories to share your amazing talents that represent our culture. I also want to echo the sentiments from our Chairman and Founder, ‘You inspire me to achieve more in this life and make me happy to get up in the morning, be a better person, and to share with others the spirit of AKUA.