Akua Alumni Employee Program

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Something Clients Strive For

One of the most critical steps of successful ongoing recovery, is properly preparing clients for the transition from the Outpatient program into normal daily life. This is done by providing the tools they need. At the end of the program, clients will be prepared to return to work, school, or other responsibilities with the help of our life skills sessions. We are so passionate about providing these tools to our clients that we have taken it one step further by establishing the Alumni Employee Program.

Akua Alumni Employee Work ProgramThe Program Benefits Everyone

  • Future clients will find inspiration from the alumni; ‘If they can do it, so can I!’
  • Clients may be more likely to listen to someone who has been through the same experience.
  • The alumni have an incentive to stay active in their recovery.
  • Akua gains staff members who believe in the culture we have created, and who understand our industry and clientele on the most personal level.

Throughout Akua, we have alumni employees working in residential care and in nearly every department of the corporate office. It is through this personal experience we can fully understand the importance of what we do and how we are changing lives everyday.

“Being a client, and now an employee for AKUA is a blessing in all ways possible!” – Joseph C