Admissions & Outreach

Michael FryeMichael Frye, MS, Executive Director of Admissions and Outreach Michael Frye holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from California Coast University. Throughout his twenty-five-year career in the field of mental health and addiction, Michael has had the opportunity to have in-depth experience working in clinical environments and to have served in many diverse positions including direct clinical practice, administration, and director of admissions and outreach. Michael has extensive experience in business development and clinical outreach with an emphasis on strategic planning and development. Over his many years in the field, Michael has developed and maintained many long-standing relationships with clinicians and mental health professionals regionally and nationally. He has held executive leadership positions with prominent industry leaders including CRC Health Group, Acadia, and Universal Health. With his extensive expertise in the field, Michael provides proven success with multiple relationships around the country and has a strong passion and commitment to the field of healthcare.
Kelsie Barnes Kelsie Barnes, Associate Director of Admissions Kelsie Barnes, is a dedicated and passionate member of the Akua family. Coming from a family of addiction professionals, Kelsie was naturally drawn to helping others find a new way of life, Kelsie’s love for aiding in the recovery process led her to become a nationally certified interventionist. Her knowledge of intervention techniques made her the perfect candidate to help those in the very early stages of the recovery process. For the last five years, Kelsie has been an incredible asset to the admissions team, working hard every day to ensure admissions run smoothly and her team is readily available to assist clients seeking recovery.
Kristen Thompson Kristen Thompson, Alumni Coordinator Kristen brings 5 years of clinical background to Akua working as a counselor in the field of substance abuse. Kristen earned her degree as a certified drug and alcohol counselor from Intercoastal college. Kristen has developed a strong passion for dealing with self-body image complexes and the importance in boundaries and relationships as they correlate into addiction. Kristen grew up in a first responders lifestyle which has strengthened her dedication and passion for helping those in need from a young age. Kristen is very proud and dedicated to represent the alumni at Akua Mind and Body.
Becca MillardBecca Millard, Senior Outreach Specialist Becca Millard’s dedication to the family of AKUA Mind & Body is evident in her passion, leadership and work ethic. As the Associate Director of Outreach, she strives to energetically inform the community about Akua’s programs and services. Directing a team starts with leadership as well as a passion to love what one does. Becca earned her Bachelor’s in Science at Vanguard University, where she played indoor volleyball and served her team as a captain. She remains committed to creating opportunities for her team to synergistically contribute to growing AKUA Mind & Body and to further assist and inform the community.
Carl LemosCarl Lemos, First Responders Outreach Specialist Carl’s dedication and commitment to the First Responder’s program at Akua stems from his 11 years of personal dedication to the fire department. Carl personally struggled with addiction due to an injury sustained while working as a firefighter in 2008. Carl struggled through 4 years of surgeries and complications which led to his addiction struggles. Carl personally completed a First responders treatment track and has now dedicated his life to helping first responders with the same struggles. Carl is very proud to represent the First Responders Program at Akua Mind and Body Sacramento.
Amy Jennifer ProutAmy Jennifer Prout, Outreach Specialist Amy’s passion for helping others began as a volunteer firefighter for 3 different departments. She decided to direct that passion of helping others by obtaining a position in the pharmaceutical industry where she spent 15 years educating physicians on how the medications she represented could help their patients. For the last three years, Amy has been working for an agency that helps find senior housing options for families when their loved one could no longer remain home alone. In her personal time, Amy enjoys anything out doors and loves spending time with her twin sons. Amy is extremely excited to be apart of the AKUA family.
Jennifer NewmanJennifer Newman, Outreach Specialist Jennifer earned her MA in clinical psychology at Antioch University in Los Angeles and is an associate marriage and family therapist. She is the former primary therapist of Akua’s women’s residential program as well as the former clinical director of Akua’s outpatient program. Jennifer has recently relocated to her home state of Missouri and is happy to spread the word of Akua’s great clinical team to people in the Midwest. Her role is to support local patients and their families through the challenges that come with seeking treatment. She understands that sometimes the best thing an addict can do is leave home to get well, but that there is still work to do with the family that remains and with the addict when they return. Her goal is to create a treatment experience that is as seamless as possible and includes referrals, relationships, and family work with local clinicians before and after recovery.
Ronda L. MaravillaRonda L. Maravilla, Outreach Specialist Ronda L. Maravilla is a skilled recovery center professional who has relatable and relevant personal experience. She comes to AKUA with years of experience as an admissions coordinator and case manager in the behavioral health industry. Maravilla intuitively recognizes the immediate and crucial treatment needs of individuals in fragile situations and prides herself on helping and conversing with people of various backgrounds and life situations. Along with her personal experience in treatment, she brings 17 years of experience in telecommunications industry, through which she has gained a valuable skillset that helps her to be successful in communicating with individuals in the treatment and recovery community. Maravilla has always enjoyed helping other people, but it wasn’t until she went through treatment herself that she realized her true calling. She is excited to continue her work in helping people overcome mental illness and addiction and work towards becoming their best possible selves in recovery.